Recovery Services

Our Range of Services

At Peak Conditioning we believe it is important to work together to develop a plan to help you recover.

We have a selection of services to suit each person. We work with our clients to help them to develop skills that they can use to restore their long-term health and well-being.

At the end of our involvement, you will have a plan to support you to maintain health and wellbeing in life and work.

Psychological Services

Building Capacity

Peak can help you to achieve your activity goals by coaching you to increased activity levels. Your plan can be undertaken at home, in your local community or close to work.


Recovery & Wellness Plans

Peak has established services that can help you recover your wellbeing and normal routine. We help you to develop self-paced plans involving education, treatment and progressive activity.

Psychological Services

Psychological Services

Peak Psychology offers an individually tailored treatment program, delivered by our Registered Psychologists, that specialises in incident-related Psychological injuries.


Workplace Injury Prevention

The experience we have gained in treating people that have experienced Workplace injuries has allowed us to become experts in preventing injuries. We can help your workplace with a range of training and prevention strategies.

Returning to Health, Life & Work

We are the specialists in Workplace Injury Treatment. Call us now on 1300 591 435.
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