What is the ABP Program?

Activity-Based Prescription (ABP) is designed to support clients with persisting pain, who have participated in treatment without improvement.

ABP links people back into what they enjoy most in life and promotes the re-engagement in community and healthy lifestyle practices that align with their specific goals. ABP supports people with long-term, persistent health and pain conditions and we understand the impact these conditions can have on quality of life.

The main goal of ABP is to empower people to become active participants in their recovery, through activity scheduling and prescription, problem solving and motivational interviewing to assist our Clients get their lives back!

About the Program

Considering treatment? Learn where it takes place, referral options, and what to expect on your journey to recovery and well-being.

Treatment is located within the person’s home or community and private offices.

  • When normal treatment approaches are not working
  • Ongoing pain is limiting progress at home and/or work
  • When self-care activities, household activities, recreational activities, social activities and work-related activities are difficult or impossible to complete

Injured Person, Doctor, Specialist, Insurer, Physiotherapist/Allied Health, Psychologist, Rehabilitation Provider

Once treatment is complete our Clients will have improved self-belief to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes engagement in community groups and social activities. They will have the confidence to continue their health journey.

What’s Included in Your Recovery Plan

  • Goal setting
  • Structured and supported activity scheduling
  • Flare-up management
  • Problem solving
  • Community integration
  • Pain education and concepts of pain
  • Sleep hygiene strategies
  • Physical activity plan (activity watch provided)