What is the MOVE Program?

We know that everyone is different, so we offer individualised treatment approaches.

The MOVE Program (Motivation, Opportunity, Values, and Empowerment) is tailored to help you make the changes necessary to secure a healthy future full of meaning and purpose.

What this looks like depends on you.

About the Program

Considering treatment? Learn where it takes place, referral options, and what to expect on your journey to recovery and well-being.

Treatment is located within the person’s home or community and private offices.

  • When normal treatment approaches are not working
  • Ongoing pain is limiting progress at home and/or work
  • Low motivation and confidence is delaying recovery
  • It has been over eight weeks since date of injury

Injured Person, Doctor, Specialist, Insurer, Physiotherapist/Allied Health, Psychologist, Rehabilitation Provider

Once treatment is complete our Clients will have improved their health independently, be motivated to engage in life with an increased desire to return to the workforce.

What’s Included in Your Recovery Plan

  • Goal setting
  • Structured and supported activity scheduling
  • Flare-up management
  • Problem solving
  • Community integration
  • Pain education and concepts of pain
  • Sleep hygiene strategies
  • Physical activity plan (activity watch provided)