A Supportive and Focused Approach to Your Rehabilitation

Peak Conditioning take a supportive and collaborative approach to assisting you to return to work and return to health. We believe that you, your family and your Nominated Treating Doctor (GP) best understand your current situation. We will work with you and your Doctor to develop a plan that helps you to recover.

We will often case conference with you and your Doctor (at the doctor’s surgery) throughout the course of your plan. These discussions are invaluable to ensuring your plan is helping you achieve your return to health and return to work goals.

The treatment plan will be aimed at enabling you to achieve the goals that you have chosen. Prior to undertaking the treatment plan, the location and times would be agreed between you and your Peak Conditioning Treatment Practitioner, and would generally be undertaken outside your return to work plan hours.

At the completion of the treatment plan, you and your Peak Conditioning Treatment Practitioner would case conference at your doctor’s surgery to review your return to work progress and goals.

Peak Conditioning provides a supportive and focused approach to your rehabilitation and we are passionate about helping people recover from injury. If you feel you would benefit from our services please talk to your Nominated Treating Doctor.